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Click the link below to go to a Free Gang Sheet builder that will arrange the images on the gang sheet for you!

  • A transparent PNG at 300 DPI sized at size of transfer or larger
  • Acceptable file types: .ai, .pdf, .psd, .png, (We are not responsible for any color issues, backgrounds, etc.)
  • DO NOT MIRROR YOUR ARTWORK.  Our software does this automatically.
  • Send your artwork at the exact size you want it printed. Your transfer will be sized to the longest side you select.
  • Remove the background before submitting your artwork. If you do not want the background around your image to be printed, remove it, otherwise it will printed.
  • Our printer does print white ink, if your image has a white square/box around it, it will print
  • Outlines/lines must be at least .02pts in width or the adhesive can not adhere to the art and will not transfer to your garment properly.

Maximum width is 22 inches x length of your choosing at checkout time. If you are between sizes, for example you need only 30 inches, please checkout for 40 inches, not 20 inches.  IF THE ARTWORK DOES NOT MEET REQUIREMENTS, WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL YOUR ORDER.

Return Policy: We are unable to offer returns or exchanges as all items are printed as orders come in with your specifications.


Colors: We are not responsible for colors. You must check your colors — we do not match colors and we do not check colors for you.  RGB color mode is recommended.

Small, Fine Print: Words less than 0.35 inches tall may not print out well and will most likely not transfer onto the garment. Fine, tiny details will not adhere to the transfer. Be sure to add a stroke and make any fine details thicker for best results. We are not responsible for artwork that falls below the minimum requirements.

Transparency effects:  Transparency, see through effects and drop shadows do not work for DTF. Please take off any shadow or gradient effects as it will not print as you see on the screen.

Resolution: Artwork needs to be created in 300 DPI for best print quality. Images with lower quality will not print well and may appear blurry or pixelated.

The printing process needs a high quality image to have a clean and neat image. Check your edge quality and watch out for pixeled edges in your images, they will print and appear as a white outline around the perimeter of your design. You can avoid this with high resolution art.

Thank you for supports a Small Business!

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